TERMATALIA ourense 2024

  • Twenty different professionals protected by the government of Caldas, Colombia, have attended Emma González’s presentation on Trends in Thermalism and Thermal Marketing

The University of Vigo, in the Campus of Ourense, develops the course of Thermalism: Thermal Spaces from the 22nd to the 26th of July. It is organized by the Department of Applied Physics of the University, with the collaboration of the Institute of Carballiñeses Studies and various regional, provincial and local institutions.

The participants have taken advantage of this international program carried out by the Consulate of Colombia, together with the University of Vigo, in order to train in the practice of thermal techniques and in product marketing strategies.

Today, Tuesday, they made a trip to the Aguas Santas spa and to Las Burgas in the city of Ourense first thing in the morning. Afterwards, the Director of the Termatalia International Spa, Health and Well-being Fair gave her presentation, which, lasting one hour, Emma González exposed the trends in spas and spa marketing to numerous professionals in the sector. Finally, he has participated in the round table on Thermalism and Tourism together with the President of the Institute of Carballiñeses Studies, the Director of Thermal Gala, a member of the Galician Society of Thermal Peloids and Carlos Medina Filgueira.

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