>> La próxima edición de Termatalia, la quinta en América Latina, se celebrará en Uruguay entre el 4 y el 6 de octubre 
>> Se presentó en Fitur Madrid

Expourense, the Ourense fairgrounds, once again attended FITUR Madrid to present for Xantar and Termatalia, two of the five international tourism fairs recognized by the Government of Spain (together with Fitur itself, Intur Valladolid and B-Travel Barcelona). As usual, the Galician Tourism stand hosted both presentations that were given by the managing director of Expourense, Rogelio Martínez, who was accompanied by different representatives involved in the respective sectors of the fair: thermal tourism and food and wine tourism from Galicia, the rest from Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay, among other countries.

Termatalia today officially presented its 21st edition, which will also be the fifth held abroad, thus recovering the alternating venue between Ourense (fixed venue when it is held in Europe) and an American country. In Fitur Madrid it was officially revealed this afternoon that the next edition of Termatalia will be held in Uruguay between October 4 and 6, 2023. To make this announcement, the director of Termatalia, Rogelio Martínez, was supported by the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Ourense, Gabriel Alén, and by the Planning Manager of the Ministry of Tourism of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Doris Rodríguez.

The director of Termatalia thanked Uruguay for its commitment to become the venue for this unavoidable international event for professionals in the sector, in which each edition exhibitors and visitors from around thirty countries in Europe and Latin America participate, mainly. He also indicated that “we hope that Uruguay obtains the same successes as the previous editions held in Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil and whose organizers have said that the celebration of Termatalia in their country marked a before and after in the development and promotion of their thermal resources”.

Martínez recalled that during the last edition of Termatalia (held in Ourense in September 2022), Uruguay was one of the main protagonists with the participation of an important delegation of political representatives and thermal businessmen led by its Vice Minister of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, “who He infected us with his enthusiasm by presenting us with his thermal resources and also his competitive advantages based on his governmental stability, his sanitary and technological structure and by the beauty and diversity of the landscapes of his tourist destinations”, indicated the director of Termatalia.

Uruguay has everything necessary to position itself internationally as one of the great thermal destinations in Latin America because its waters emanate from the Guaraní Aquifer System, one of the most important water resources on the planet due to its size, quality and temperature of the waters. Uruguay also integrates a large thermal region linked by the Uruguay River to the Argentine province of Entre Ríos, one of the great thermal references of the neighboring country (along with Santiago del Estero). Uruguay has abundant hot springs, both sweet and salty, located in the departments of Salto and Paysandu. This country has six large thermal centers: Arapey, Daymán, Salto Grande, San Nicanor, Guaviyú and Almirón.
Termatalia Uruguay will revolve around its three main axes of the fair: training, business and relational capital.
• Professional training, through the celebration of the Fourth International Congress on Water and Health, with the participation of the best specialists in the world. Professional training courses will also be organized.

• The business with the start-up of a new edition of the Workshop specialized in Health and Well-being Tourism, which will bring together international tour operators. A new Meeting of Public Policies of Thermalism will also be organized. And among other professional actions, the International Water Tasting and a specialized press mission will be organized.
• And, finally, the “relational capital” that the celebration of the fair supposes each year, either in Ourense or in Latin America and that brings together professionals from thirty countries.

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