Water, from vital element to caprice gourmet Taste different International brands and get to know all types available in European market

All the countries of the world took a step forward regarding the consumption of bottled water looking for improving health and meeting with natural products. Water is a basic good, it was not considered as a luxury article in the past. Nowadays, the water consumption keeps increasing, both at the national level and international one.

To praise the properties of the different brands, there is a Water Bar, where visitors have the opportunity to taste several water kinds from Spain and other countries.

The Water Bar of TERMATALIA 2019 will gather about ten water brands from different countries position themselves in the International market, since this event offers a great Media visibility.

The Water bar is a stand in which each brand can reserve a shelve for its own promotion. Visitors of TERMATALIA will be served in this space by personnel who will offer them to taste different types of bottled water and put forward the properties and indications of each of them.The companies participating to the Water Bar will have access to the "International Water Tasting" in which an international jury will elect the best water in each category. Then the results will be published in numerous Medias.




Discover the participating brands


  • Agua Sana - Spain
  • Aguas de Carvalhelhos – Portugal
  • Cabreiroá - Spain
  • Campliho - Portugal
  • Fontecelta – Spain
  • Fontenova - Spain
  • Hidromineral Termal de Armazen – Brasil
  • Pedras Salgadas - Portugal
  • Sferrie – Brasil
  • Sousas - Spain
  • Vidago – Portugal
  • Água Mineral Levity – Brasil
  • Aguas Misioneras – Argentina
  • Água Mineral Gravatal – Brasil
  • Aguas de Monchique – Portugal
  • Agua Gond Wana - Paraguay