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Termatalia and the Dr. Oliver Rodés Laboratory launch the course "Prevention and Control of Microbiological Contaminants"

Termatalia, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellbeing, in collaboration with the renowned and prestigious Laboratory of Dr. Oliver Rodés have launched the course "Prevention and Control of Microbiological Contaminants". This new training and specialized initiative will consist of 30 hours of training exclusively online and will be given by the renowned hydrologist and specialist in thermal management, Dr. Antonio Freire.

The objective of this course is that the personnel who carry out maintenance operations in facilities classified as risky in Latin America, have basic knowledge about what types of microbiological contaminants exist, good cleaning and disinfection practices and applicable chemical products, prevention of chemical and biological occupational hazards, knowledge of high and low-level facilities (design and maintenance) and finally, how to carry out correct prevention through risk assessment and the implementation of self-control plans.

The Course program consists of 6 modules:
01: Health importance.
02: Types of waters and hydrothermal centers.
03: Prevention. General cleaning and disinfection criteria.
04: Public Health.
05: Risk installations. RD 865/2003.
06: Identification of critical points and development of control programs.

The completion of this course has an amount of 200 euros (special Termatalia price) and includes tutorial follow-up by the teacher, the realization and study of practical cases and finally, the delivery of an official accrediting certificate signed by Termatalia and by the Laboratory of the Dr. Oliver Rodés. Those interested in taking this course can request more information by emailing termatalia@termatalia.com or by calling +34 988 366 030. From the moment of registration, the term to run the course is 3 months.

NOTE: Course available only in Spanish

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