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Termatalia celebrates the Global Wellness Day

Termatalia joins one more year to the celebration of the Global Wellness Day / World Wellness Day, an event whose motto is "I say yes!", Which transcends borders and is held globally on the second Saturday of each June. The objective of this day of reflection is to promote well-being (Wellness) and promote a pro-active and healthy lifestyle. This initiative seeks to create social awareness of the consequences and importance of prevention and well-being in helath of the people.

Termatalia is one of the entities authorized worldwide for the organization of events to commemorate the Global Wellness Day and usually celebrates it by bringing together prominent health tourism professionals in one of the many privileged environments that the province of Ourense has. The situation caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19 has made this meeting impossible and for this reason, we have asked the members of the Termatalia advisory committee to send us their message of celebration of World Welfare Day. Throughout the day we will be sharing them with you through this Facebook page that more than 10,000 professionals from all over the world follow.

The activities promoted by the Global Wellness Day celebration are: walking an hour a day, leading an environmentally friendly life, drinking plenty of water, preparing a healthy daily menu with fresh and local products, spending time with the family and sleeping a minimum of eight hours.