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Termatalia joins the celebration of World Environment Day

Termatalia, an event that has been running for 19 editions promoting sustainable projects related to health and water tourism, joins the celebration, today June 5, of World Environment Day. The International Thermal Tourism Fair has always been closely involved with the sustainability of the environment in which the motivation of this international event arises, medicinal mineral water, its therapeutic use and its health benefits. The sustainability of the environment and the protection of the environment where the spring is located is a recurring theme that is expanded and updated year after year at the Termatalia International Meeting on Water and Health.

Related to this, thermalism has become a new tool to get out of a disadvantage, related to sustainable development, which allows generating more wealth and employment, since it can be an example of what can be done in the environment rural creating a focus of attraction that can radiate an entire region. For this reason, Termatalia has always stood out for its role as a dynamic forum for cooperation between the public and private sectors to develop thermalism as a socio-economic engine in rural areas, where most of the mineral-medicinal waters are found.

The role of thermal bridge of the fair can help European companies that participate in Termatalia to open new doors and markets to develop projects related to water and sustainable tourism in Latin American countries, mainly.

World Environment Day (DMMA) is one of the main tools of the United Nations to drive awareness and action for the environment worldwide. Over the years, this celebration has grown to become a global platform involving people from more than 100 countries. Furthermore, it is everyone day, the day in which we can act for the environment, in such a way that the sum of all individual actions generates a great positive impact on the planet.

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has influenced the choice of the theme for the celebration of World Environment Day 2020, which this year is "Natures Time", a slogan with which the United Nations asks citizens to listen to the messages that the planet sends while looking for an economic and social recovery that is green and sustainable.