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Conclusions on how COVID 19 will affect world balneology drawn from the online seminar organized by FEMTEC

The FEMTEC (World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy) held an online seminar on April 28 with the participation of the most prominent experts in medical hydrology from various countries. This activity addressed the impact that the pandemic generated by COVID-19 will have on world balneology.
The Covid-19 has made it clear that there is a strong need for social and health protection, which allows for an effective interchanges between healthcare and social services.
The emergency has also stressed that a globalised health threat requires an adequate international governance and response.
An adequate integration between hospital provisions and the public health approach appears to be an effective response to emergency.
Health SPAs/thermal centres deliver health care services and provisions, which can also be integrated with social-oriented services, such as rehabilitation.
Yet thermal centres are not fully perceived to be an essential part of the overall national health systems. Therefore Femtec organized a workshop, inviting Leaders from the Member Countries as speakers with the aim of answering three questions.
1. Are Health SPAs / thermal centres perceived to be healthcare facilities and to deliver health care services? Are they then an essential part of the overall national health system?
2. Is there any policy/action among those undertaken in the last years by Health Spas that you would be willing to revise ? In your opinion, what mistakes have been made?
3. How would you figure out health spas in the healthcare system? What role should they play in your opinion?

In the attached document we present the conclusions drawn from this workshop.

If you want to consult the presentations used by these experts, you can consult them on the FEMTEC website at the following link: https://www.femteconline.org/pages.php?s=Online-Workshops/01

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