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INNAT Barcelona, ​​consultant specializing in beauty and wellness, will provide specialized training in Termatalia 2019

The consultancy specialized in beauty and wellness, INNAT Barcelona, ​​has confirmed its participation in Termatalia 2019 where it will participate with a stand to present its products and services to professionals in the health tourism sector in thirty countries. In addition, its manager, Marisa Juárez, known international coach of the sector, will provide specific and specialized training.

INNAT Barcelona will give the presentation <<Creativity an exclusive, differentiating and profitable luxury" during the two days of the fair (September 19 and 20) at 11.00 h. According to Marisa Juárez, "what I am trying to do is explain something that the sector does not seem to be very clear about. I want you to see that the best way to make the public want to enter your spa for the first time ... is not exactly the brand or the quality of the products that you use for your treatments, nor the decorator who designed your area. work but what you can offer yourself and that no one else in the market can have, not even sometimes the quality of the service you offer (since it is their first time and they do not yet know you so that this variable becomes a determinant). All this is important and significant but at this point in the history of the sector does not make the difference that can make someone decide to enter your establishment and not someone else. INNAT is a living example of that. And I will be able to illustrate very well how creativity takes you to where you want without paying the toll of market competition. 

This training will be complemented by the INNAT facial Gym (Thursday 19 and Friday 20 at 5:00 p.m.) in which "we will work on a new way to retain customers remotely with a novel, effective and profitable activity. It is a class directed by a facial specialist in which all the muscles of the face are worked to obtain a better physiognomy, a radiant aspect, body mind balance and even a better personal attitude in front of the maelstrom of the day to day.

About the speaker, Marisa Juárez:

Since 1989 he has been dedicated to business training for managers and workers who seek to improve their jobs and their lives. For 13 years they hired their services city councils, business and union groups of the highest level and spend more than 1000 students from all over Spain participating in long-term courses and, under their tutelage, manage to improve their professional and personal careers.

Subsequently, he began a 12-year period in the Beauty and Wellness sector, aimed at high-level or luxury clients, in direct collaboration and in positions of responsibility of a wide range of brands: Germaine de Capuccini, Natura Bissé, Anubis, Nirvana Spa, Karicia, Aloha Natura ...

During this new stage it adapts the contents of its courses to the world of Beauty, Health and Welfare and welcomes in its classrooms to countless students who attend its calls especially attracted by the creativity of its proposals.

Since then, her training activities have been combined with numerous interventions as a speaker at fairs, congresses and as an organizer or ceremony teacher at other Spa and hotel-related social events.

In February 2013, with the intention of starting an activity that awakens the sector and makes it focus on the business from a more humanistic point of view, INNAT Barcelona creates, consulting specialized in giving global, different and creative solutions to entrepreneurs in the sector.
 Treatment creatives
 Global training for managers, therapists and support staff
 Team motivation
 Conferences, presentations, round tables, demo-shows, workshops, guided activities, master of ceremonies ...
 Project management and direction for third parties
 Own cosmetic brand and distribution of cosmetic brands in the luxury sector  Brand in Entrepreneurship program of Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

In 2015 INNAT Barcelona creates its own cosmetics brand and manages projects as external consultant for the SPA of several companies: Puro Hotel & Puro Spa, Balneari Prats, Balneari Vichy Catalán, Gran Hotel Monterrey, Hotel & Spa Cala del Pi, Hotel San Jorge , Hotel Resguard dels Vents, Hotel el Grèvol, Institut Gem, Hotel Terrace, Hostal Spa Empuries ...

In 2017, INNAT Barcelona reopens the range of possibilities and integrates in its courses all types of companies that wish to differentiate themselves from their competitors thanks to an effective sales system, a motivated team of workers and, above all, an original and creative integral proposal.

Today there are more than 3000 people who have passed through the hands of INNAT and we are convinced that they have been key in their process of professional and personal growth.

The work of INNAT is a small work of art worked by hand, which starts by detecting the needs of the clientele and developing them to measure, so that the result fits perfectly with their objectives, but above all with their personality.