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Termatalia 2019 continues its international promotion in the BTL of Lisbon

BTL-LISBOA, 03.15.2019.- Termatalia 2019 continues its intense promotion campaign in Europe, being present in the main international tourism forums. After the presentations of FITUR of Madrid and of the IBT of Berlin, Termatalia was presented yesterday in the BTL of Lisbon, the most important International Fair of Tourism of Portugal. The director of the fair, Alejandro Rubín, and the director of International Relations, Emma González, presented the news of the next edition to be held Ourense, its headquarters in Europe, between September 18 and 21.
The place chosen for this event was once again the stand of the Porto e Norte Tourism Organization, the main strategic partner of Termatalia in Portugal. The president of Porto e Norte, Luis Pedro Martins, was the host of this event attended by entrepreneurs and professionals from the health tourism sector in Portugal and the media. This presentation also included the participation of the Secretary of Tourism of Foz do Iguaçu, Gilmar Piolla, representing Brazil that will be the guest country in Termatalia 2019. Piolla indicated that the celebration of Termatalia Brasil 2018 "meant for Foz do Iguaçu a before and after in its international promotion as a destination for health tourism".
Termatalia was accompanied by important institutional representatives of the country and entrepreneurs from the tourism sector. The coordinator of Termas Centro, Adriano Barreto, also participated in this presentation; the director of the tour operator Yu Travel, Jesús Ares; or the general director of the Green Week Foundation of Galicia, Ricardo Durán. This presentation was attended by representatives of municipal chambers linked to Termatalia from various parts of Portugal, such as Chaves or Lamego. Also present was the delegate of Termatalia for the North of Portugal, Antonio García. In this presentation, the great values ​​of the fair that position it worldwide were once again evident: "relational capital, knowledge and business". This event also served to present to Portuguese companies the opportunities to participate in Termatalia 2019.
During the stay at the BTL in Lisbon, meetings were also held with representatives of tourism from other parts of Portugal such as Termas Centro, as well as the meeting with the president of the Associação das Termas de Portugal, Victor Leal.
Termatalia also serves as a meeting and promotion point for the main thermal destinations of the Portuguese country such as the Azores Islands and the institutions that promote them, such as the Associação Termas de Portugal or the Regional Entity of Porto e Norte Tourism, all of them regular exhibitors and collaborators of the fair. It is a country that is committed to thermalism and its internationalization, relying on the so-called "health tourism" effect and its role as a driver of internal and external tourism.
In fact, it has been present in all editions of Termatalia, since the countries that participate every year in this event are strategic markets to consolidate Portugal as a quality thermal destination. Its thermal centers have a great diversity of equipment, infrastructures and quality treatments and work to position the product "health and wellbeing" as a priority in its tourist campaign, a promotion that is complemented by other attractions such as its gastronomy or its landscape. The Portuguese presence in Termatalia covers from North to South, standing out as usual exhibitors: Turismo Porto e Norte; Tourism Centro y Termas Centro and the Municipal Chamber of Monchique (located south in the Algarve), in addition to the Association of Ternas de Portugal (ATP) representing the entire country.