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New Termatalia delegation in El Salvador, the geothermal capital of Central America

Termatalia, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, expands its network of international delegations incorporating El Salvador, a country known as the geothermal capital of Central America and which has actively participated in the last two editions of the fair to position itself internationally as a thermal destination.
In charge of this new delegation will be Beatriz Flamenco de Contreras, with a wide professional trajectory, she is an outstanding professional of the tourism sector in the country and at present she is director of the tour operator Universal Tours and Universal Travel. El Salvador thus joins the list of Termatalia delegations that are already present in more than 40 countries.
Beatriz Flamenco faces the challenge of being a delegate of the fair in El Salvador with the objective of playing a position of high responsibility with constant challenges that allow her to advise, implement and strengthen programs and initiatives with specialty in the area of ​​tourism and related. He has a high level of discipline, creativity and responsibility, with great ability to adapt, learn and lead in working groups; with experience in field and office work, directed towards compliance with requirements and continuous improvement.
Thermalism in El Salvador
El Salvador located in the heart of Central America, offers visitors a country full of "Culture": with traditions and history, "Sun and Surf": with beaches and excellent waves; "Adventure and Ecotourism": with volcanoes, mountains, lakes, reefs, ausoles and magical tropical sunsets; "Archeology": part of the Mayan World; "Gastronomy": delicious flavors and local recipes; "Rest and Wellbeing": excellent thermal sites that will give you a wonderful rest.
El Salvador, with its privileged location as part of the fire belt, has altered areas where geothermal energy is used for productive processes, including energy generation, which represents 23% of national energy use. The altered zones are located from end to end in the country, however in the western zone is the first geothermal energy production plant and in the same way the tourism of well-being and rest has been developed.
In recent years, tourism development has been generated in the western department of Ahuachapán; with the opening of 5 sites with pools of thermal and sulfur water, technique of using kaolinite for the body, opening of hotels, restaurants, and the development of the Los Ausoles tour that allows to know both the altered zone and the productive process of the geothermal plant. Visitors from countries such as Germany, United States, Canada, England, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, Holland among others; have known the benefits of nature in this area of ​​the country.