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Termatalia participates in the 9th Health and Tourism Conference that begins today at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels

Termatalia, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellbeing, participates actively in the 9th edition of the Health and Industry Conference (HTI) that begins today at the European Parliament headquarters, in Brussels (Belgium). The fair is one of the official partners of the HTI Conference and its director of International Relations, Emma González, has participated as a panelist in the scientific program of the event moderating the round table in which the current situation of health tourism in Europe was addressed. Participating in this panel were Rika Jean-Francois, CSR Commissioner & Head of Partner Country Coordination of ITB Berlin (Germany); Carlos Abella Picazo, manager of Spaincares (Spain); Ernest Svažić, Mayor of the Thermal Municipality of Krapinske Toplice (Croatia) and Ilpo Tolonen, President of the Medical Tourism Association of Finland.
During the presence of Termatalia at the 9th HTI Conference, the general director of the fair, Alejandro Rubín Carballo, maintained contacts with important representatives of health tourism in Europe as is the case of the Executive Director of the European Travel Commission, Eduardo Santander, who gave him the official book of the last edition of Termatalia, held in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, last September. Meetings were also held with leading health tourism professionals in Spain as the manager of Spaincares, Carlos Abella or the manager of the HLA Hospitable Group of Andalusia, Manuel Carrillo.
In the last edition of Termatalia, in Brazil, the HTI Conference was also present as both European professional events are strategic partners and collaborate in the mutual promotion and implementation of actions that contribute to the development of health tourism worldwide . In this way, Termatalia Brazil had the participation as a speaker of its scientific program of the HTI CEO, Zdeslav Radovčić, and participation as part of the specialized international press mission of the Croatian journalist Andrea Situm, director of the HTI News, the official magazine of the event. In fact, the last issue of this magazine, which is distributed during this 9th edition of the HTi, includes an extensive report on the latest edition of Termatalia.
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