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Article by Professor Kai Illing on the management of medical departments in thalassotherapy hotels

We leave here attached to this article the article on management of medical departments in the thalassotherapy centers prepared by the Austrian Professor Kai Illing who participated as a speaker at the XIII International Meeting on Water and Health held in the latest edition of Termatalia.

The interest aroused by his presentation has led him to share his article with the followers of Termatalia.

Professor and Dr. Kai Illing is CEO of TourismDevelopmentHealthCare TDC and professor at the University of Applied Sciences of Joannemun Graz of Austria. In addition to a university professor, DR. Illing is a hotel consultant and developer. He is specialized in making business plans, strategy documents, feasibility studies for companies related to health tourism.

The article by Prof. Illing that is included in this news is focused on the tourism aspects and the possibilities that thalassotherapy offers to the welfare and well-being industry growth, since there are some European countries whose social insurances pay certain treatments offered in the field of Thalassotherapy. In other countries, thalassotherapy remained in a state ofthe popular and somehow shamanic state that has a lot to do with evidence-based medicine.

CV of Dr. Illing:
● Full professor at the FH Johanneum Graz (University of Applied Sciences)● CEO of TDC (Tourism Development Healthcare)
● Auditor of Quality Austria for ISO 9000: 2008, EFQM, Best Health Austria and KTQ
● Director of studies at the Apollon University of Applied Sciences for Health Sciences of Bremen (Germany) at the Faculty of Health Tourism
● Member of the economic planning advisory board of the German Medical Welfare Association
● Member of a network of specialists in leisure and health
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