Termatalia is a connecting therml bridge thermal between Europe and Latin America and its objective is to act as a dynamic agent of the health tourism sector at the global level. It occupies a privileged position counting with the participation of professionals from thirty countries each year. It has become the meeting point of the European thermal tradition and the potential of Latin Americs potencial and in a space of coexistence where synergies are created that are producing good results.


Evolution of Termatalia

1997: Termatalia, today International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, was born in the thermal capital of Ourense (Spain) in 1997. Starts in a period of investments in the thermal centers of Galicia, as biennial event and open to the entire Iberian Peninsula.

primera feria de Termalismo

2001:The fair gives a qualitative leap with the inclusion of the formative activity in the sector and the holding of the first Technical Days on Thermalism.

Termatalia 2001

2003: Recognition as International Fair for Customs Purposes. There begins the participation of Latin America with Argentina. It is the first edition of the "Encounter of Thermal Cities". Ourense and other European cities are demanding the recognition and putting in value of its thermal patrimony.

Reconocimiento como Feria Internacional

2005: was accredited for the first time as International Trade Fair by the Government of Spain (BOE no.3 - 4/01/2005 - https://www.boe.es/boe/dias/2005/01/04/pdfs/A00267-00268.pdf). In this edition participated 25 countries in 3 continents.

2006: Begins to be held on an annual basis.

Termatalia 2006

2007: The worldwide known as thermal bridge Europe and Latin America. It incorporates the figure of the Guest Country: Uruguay participates this year. First Bag of International Tourism Recruitment with foreign Tour Operators.

Termatalia 2007

2008:Termatalia becomes a brand. This edition introduces the concept of sustainability. It focuses on the relational capital between professionals from different countries. The Termatalia brand is used by the award-winning waters in the tasting of international waters.

Termatalia 2008

2009: Approximation to Euroasia and Orient. Founded a international network in conjunction with the European Association of Spas (Spain) and with the thermal fairs of Turkey and Romania. This edition will be held in the Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology. Meetings of prescribers of thermal tourism with retail travel agencies.

Termatalia 2009

2010: Held a special edition on the occasion of the XACOBEO. Mexico is the guest country. There participate large delegations from Latin America and Turkey. The business center is the central axis of the fair.

Termatalia 2010

2011: Termatalia improves the professional profile of the fair. Argentina is the guest country. The profile of the general audience showed a greater interest in the sector. Ourense presents the Cultural Itinerary of historic cities spas.
See here the official book-catalog of this edition:librotermatalia2011.pdf

Termatalia 2011

2012: Termatalia is exported to Latin America and is celebrated for the first time outside of Ourense. Peru welcomes this first edition in the continent: Termatalia Peru, water and nature that was held at the Callao-Lima. The Fair gets the main international recognition on the part of the Peruvian Government: declaration of an International Fair on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Event of National Tourist Interest in Peru by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, MINCETUR and obtaining a license for the use of the "Country Brand" granted by PROMPERÚ.
See here the official book-catalog of this edition: librotermataliaperu2012.pdf

Termatalia 2012

2013: The show comes back to Ourense reinforced internationally after its first edition in America. Peru was the guest country. There involved 31 countries on 4 continents. See here the official book-catalog of this edition: http://www.youblisher.com/p/711967-LIBRO-DE-TERMATALIA-2013

Termatalia 2013

2014: Second edition of the fair in Latin America: Termatalia Argentina "more quality, more welfare" is celebrated in the thermal capital of the continent, the Termas de Rio Hondo, in the province of Santiago del Estero. In this event, involvement the main public and private agents of the sector in the country. It’s declared by the Ministry of Tourism Argentina as "event of Tourist Interest", for his contribution to the dissemination and promotion of this country at the international level. For its part, the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation Argentina declared of "Parliamentary Interest". Also it had license to use your "Country Brand". See here the official book-catalog of this edition: http://www.youblisher.com/p/1003092-REVISTA-TERMATALIA-ARGENTINA-2014/

Termatalia 2014

2015: Edition held again in the thermal capital of Ourense. There participated 39 countries and 279 exhibitors to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Termatalia as International Fair. Latin America is dumped with this appointment that exceeds participation data so far. The presence of 35 tour operators and 35 specialized media around the world reinforced to Galicia as an international reference in spas and health tourism. See here the official book-catalog of this edition: http://www.youblisher.com/p/1232857-TERMATALIA-2015/

Termatalia 2015

2016: Third edition in America. Termatalia México 2016 was held between September 29 and October 1 in Arteaga / Saltillo, in the State of Coahuila. The fair helped consolidate Mexico as a leader in health tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean, and provided new international business opportunities for companies in the European and American sector.

Termatalia 2016

2017: This year Termatalia was celebrate in Ourense. It was consolidated as a international reference in the business of thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare. It had participate around 260 expositors, 30 tour operators and 40 representative countries, with massive presence of Latin America and Europe incorporating too Asia-Pacific. These data, added to the presence of 50 speakers, positioned to Galicia and Ourense as a professional formation center in terms of Thermalism. This edition, witch counted with México as a guest country, reinforced its professional character.