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    Wednesday 12th of September

    Tourism, Innovation and Sustentability Session

    09:00 .- Opening.

    09:15 .- Panel 1. Strategies of Development of International Health and Wellness Destinations.
    Moderator: Dr. Mauro José Ferreira CuryAssociate Professor of the Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (Brazil).
    Juan Antonio Ruiz Morales. Secretary of Tourism of the Spanish Embassy in Brazil.
    Melissa Tencio. Representative of Costa Rica Institute of Tourism.
    Benigno Amor. General Secretary of Galician Mineral and Thermal Water Cluster (Spain).
     José Roberto Borghetti. Biologist. (Brazil). "Acuífero Guaraní" the true integration of the Mercosur countries.

    10:45 .- Break.

    11:00 .- Panel 2. Strategies of Development of International Health and Wellness Destinations.
    Moderator: Dr. Lorena Vela. Medical Director of Termas de Copahue (Argentina).
    Andrew Jacka. President of the Asia Pacific Spa Wellness Coalition (Thailand).
    Ricardo Sosa. Undersecretary of Tourism of the Province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina).
    Ana Villarino Pardo. Member of the Provincial Parliament about Thermalism. Provincial Government of Ourense (Spain).
    Beatriz Contreras: El Salvador, Geothermal Routes.

    12:30 .- Lunch.

    13:30 .- Panel 3. Regional Politics to Encourage the Wellness Tourism.  
    Moderator: Alejandro Rubín. Director of Termatalia (Spain).
    Nava Castro. Director of Galicia Tourism Agency (Spain).
    José Carlos de Riojas. Undersecretary of Tourism of Coahuila (Mexico).Magic Towns (Pueblos Mágicos): Heritage and Water.
    Dr. Jussara Marques Oliveira Marrichi. Expert in Tourism and Doctor in History of the Campinas State University (Brazil).
    Ana Carolina Gaillard. Tourism and Culture Secretary of the Province of Entre Rios (Argentina).Ludic use fo the Thermal Springs.
    afternoon session

    15:00 .- Break.

    15:30 .- Panel 4. Marketing applied to wellness tourism.
    Moderator: Emilio Cuiñas. Autoxiro Turismo (Spain).
    Alejandra Millán. CEO de Wellness Trip Colombia. Construcción de Rutas de Bienestar con Identidad Cultural.  
    Ricardo Ramirez. Co-director of the Business Plan of Tourism of Welfare of Colombia.
    Laszlo Puczko. Director of Industry Intelligence, Resources for Leisure Assets (Austria). 
    Pablo Rivera. Technical Manager of the European Interborder Cooperation Association Eurocidade da Auga Chaves(Portugal)- Verin (Spain).

    17:30 .- End of the session.

    Thursday 13th of September

    Medical Hydrology scientific session.

    09:00 .- Opening.

    09:15 .- Panel 1. Thermal Medicine.

    Moderator: Benigno Amor. Secretary General of the Mineral and Thermal Water Cluster of Galicia (Spain). Dr. Francisco Maraver. Director of the Department of Medical Hydrology of the Complutense University of Madrid and President of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (Spain). New contributions in thermal medicine.

    Dr. Miguel Ángel Fernández Torán. CEO of Balneario de Cofrentes (Spain). Education for Health in Thermal Medicine.
    Dr. Juan Jesús Gestal Otero. Director of the Chair of Medical Hydrology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
    Dagnaldo de Araujo Silva. Director of the Águas de Lindóia Municipal Spa, São Paulo (Brazil).
    Dr. Antonio Freire. Medical Hydrologist. Gala Termal (Spain). Healthy destinations through their mineral water sources.

    11:15 .- Break.

    11:30 .- Panel 2. Thermal Muds.
    Moderator: Dr. Dolores Fernández-Marcos. Medical Director of the Caldaria Group (Spain).

    Dr. Francisco Armijo. Department of Medical Hydrology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).Physicist-chemical study of thermal muds.
    Carmen Gómez. Department of Applied Physics of the University of Vigo. Peloides Termales S.L. (Spain).
    Dr. Paulo Flavio De Macedo Gouvea. Muds Specialist Doctor of the Municipal Prefecture of Peruibe – SP (Brazil). 

    Dr. Lorena Vela. Medical Director of Termas de Copahue. The application of Peloides in Termas de Copahue (Neuquen- Argentina).

    12:45 .- Lunch.

    Session on management and integration of wellness and the natural resources.

    afternoon session

    16:00 .- Panel 1. Integration of Wellness as a Business Model.
    Moderator: César Tejedor. CEO of Massage Around the World- Wellness Consultant (Spain). 
    Zdeslav Radovčić. Founder & CEO of Health Industry Conference. Energy Clinic (Croatia).
    Sr. Dieter Brepohl, CEO da Lapinha Spa Brasil. Business model of the first medical spa with natural resources in Brazil.
    Dr. Fábio Tadeu Lazerini. Geologist and Doctor in Geoscience (Brazil).  The energy of Foz do Iguaçu waters.

    17:30 .- Break.

    17:45 .- Panel 2. Rules of quality and security protocols.
    Moderates: Lucy Valenti. President of the National Chamber of Tourism of Nicaragua.
    Alfredo Pérez. President of the Spanish Wellness Spa Association (Spain).
    Fernando Fraile. General manager of the Spanish Touristic Quality Institute (Spain).
    Joachim Lieber. President of Quality in Health Prevention (Germany).
    Prof. Dr. Mag. Kai illing. TourismDevelopmentHealthCare TDC (Austria). Medical Hotels: Delimitation of Clinical Tourism and Economic Key Figures.

    19:00 .- End of the session.

    Friday 14th of September

    1º Latin American Meeting on Tourism, Wellness and Sustainability (UNILA): Water and Thermalism.

    09:00 .- Opening.

    09:15 .- Panel 1. Social Thermalism.
    Moderator: Rogelio Martínez. Expert in municipal management of thermal resources (Spain).
    Vicente Caballer. Vice President of the Thermal Centers Association of Spain. Experience of the IMSERSO social hydromassage program.
    Dr. Fernando Hellmann. Department of Public Health of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil).
    Lic. Pablo Arturo Pareja. General manager of Termas de Chachimbiro (Ecuador).

    10:30 .- Panel 2. Thermal Therapies in Latin America.
    Moderator: Dr. Roberto Almeida. UNILA (Brazil).
    Lic. Teresita Van Strate. TVS Asesorías Técnicas (Argentina).
    Dr. Ramón de la Rosa. President of Latinamerican Spa Association Altspa (México).
    Dr. Rafael Ledesma Rosa. President of Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology - Servicios Médicos Cubanos (Cuba).

    Ibalhú Rodríguez Nuñez. Founder of the Sindanamoy Welfare Center of Colombia. Back to the primal waters. An anthropological look at the management of ancestral waters in Colombia.

    11:45 .- Break.

    12:00 .- Plans for the development of the complementary offer in health and wellness destinations.

    Moderator: Lucy Valenti. President of Tourism Chamber of Nicaragua.
    Héctor J. López. Quality Manager of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (Dominican Republic).
    Alejandro Madrigal. General Director of Essential Gastronomy (Costa Rica).
    Lic. Karina Fortete and Alejandro Leites. Representates of MINTUR (Uruguay). Offer and investment opportunities in the Uruguay River Tourist Corridor "Pájaros Pintados". 

    13:00 .- Lunch.

    13:30 .- Presentation of Call for Papers.

    International Meeting of Thermal Towns.

    afternoon session

    15:15 .- Experiences of Europe.

    Nita Torres. Representative of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association. The European network of Cities with Thermal Historical Heritage.
    Laurent Dupont (France). Vertebration of Religious Tourism and Thermalism. Luchon Experience.

    16:00 .- Thermal and sustainable cities.
    Jorge Pumar Tesouro. Councilor for Tourism and Thermalism of the City of Ourense (Spain). Ourense, Spanish thermal capital.
    Rui André. President of the Municipal Chamber of Monchique (Portugal). Thermalism, entrepreneurship and creativity.
    Miguel Anxo Fernádez Lores. Mayor of Pontevedra (Spain). Sustainable mobility model.          

    17:30 .- - Experiences of Brazil and America. 
    Livia Drago. Professor at the Universidade do Sul in Santa Catarina. Santo Amaro da Imperatriz. Santa Catarina (Brazil)
    Angela Lazzerini. Itaipulandia (Brazil). 
    Gilmar Piolla. Tourism Secretariat Municipal Prefeitura de Foz do Iguaçu – Paraná (Brazil). Thermal Foz, present in the future. 
    Tadeo Morales. Vice President of the Arenal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce.Melissa Tencio. Costa Rican Tourism Institute. La Fortuna (Costa Rica)
    Lotfi Khelifi. Director of Middle East Health Tourism Magazine. - Experience of the Arab countries.

    19:15 .- End of the session.