TERMATALIA will be equipped with a business center offering an adequate space to keep smoother and quiet meetings between exhibitors and visitors.

Check the professional actions below:

- Fam / Press Trips: The organization has scheduled familiarization trips for both agencies and Press for travel agencies.

- Trade missions: Technological missions including consulting, training, equipment and balneotherapy primary projects, Thalassotherapy and spa design.

- Business Rounds: exhibitors and professional visitors will have the opportunity to personally meet throughout the entire event (fellowship dinners, conferences, pre-and post-tour, meeting points, among others)

- Investors Forum: Contacts between potential investors from different countries to learn and support projects based on thermal tourism.

- Tourism Business Round Table: Hotel, Spas and different wellness centers will have access to  more than 25 wholesalers (Tour Operators) from Europe and Latin America.


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CAZAVENTURAS – SPAIN - http://cazaventuras.com/
CENTROTEL – SPAIN – www.centrotel.es
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