Parallel to Termatalia held the International Conference on water and cures which will celebrate its 11th anniversary in 2016.

It is a series of forums and technical workshops dealing with the sector from a multidisciplinary perspective (tourist, medical, environmental, legal, economic, etc.) that it will bring together experts from different countries, which will no doubt bring together experiences and projects that are carried out both in Europe and in Latin America or Asia.

Unit price per person 50 $, (1000 Mexican pesos)

Participants will receive material and a certificate of attendance.


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This program of activities corresponds to the 2016 edition.

    Wednesday September 28th 
    • 09:30 .- Opening Act of the “11th International Meeting about Water and Thermalism”.
    • 10:00 .- Session about Tourism, Innovation  and Sustainability.

      10:00-11:30 h.- Strategies for the development of destinations of tourism of Health and Well-being (Part 1)
      Presented and moderated by: Alejandro Rubín, director of Termatalia.

           - Coahuila, a destination with differentiated products in value.     
           Luis Alfonso Rodriguez Garza. Sub-Secretary of tourism of the Government of Coahuila. (Mexico)
           - "Health and Wellness Tourism is now `Marca España´"
           Isabel Alonso Piñar. Director of the Office of Tourism of Spain in Mexico. (Spain)
           - "European panorama of thermal tourism." 
           Joaquim Lieber, General Honorario Secretary of the European Spas Association (ESPA). (Germany)
           - "Tourism Wellness `Pura Vida´ in Costa Rica."
           Melissa Tencio. Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. (Costa Rica)

      11:30 h.- Pause

      11:45-14:00 h.- Strategies for the development of destinations of tourism of Health and Well-being (Part 2)
      Presenting and moderating: Lauren Dupont, international consultant (France)
           - "Medical Tourism Destination Development"
           Dr. Maria K. Todd. Mercury Healthcare (United States).
           - "Medical Tourism Canada - Mexico"
           Dr. Gustavo González Záldivar. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Chairman of the 
           Scientific Committee of ALTSPA. (Mexico)
          - "Current situation in the industry of the Spa in Asia".
            Andrew Jacka. Director of the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition. (Thailand)
           - "Innovative programmes for Social Tourism - train spas."
          Ana Villarino Pardo. Member of spas, Diputación Provincial de Ourense. (Spain)

      14:00-15:45 h.- Break
    • 10:30 .- Parallel Session. The thermalism applied to health and personal well-being.
      Presentating and moderating: Marianela Peña, biologist. (Mexico)
           - "Introduction to hydrotherapy and medical hydrology".     
           Dr. Francisco Maraver Eyzaguirre. Director of the Chair of medical hydrology of the University Complutense of Madrid. President of the Spanish society of medical hydrology. (Spain)
           - "Hydrothermal techniques".     
           Dr. Antonio Freire. Director of Gala Termal. (Spain)
           - "Efficient thermal circuits" 
           Teresita Van Strate. Director of TVS Technical Advisories. (Argentina)

      12:00-12:30 h.- Pause.

           - "Rehabilitation and thermal water" 
           Gonzalo Miranda. Physiotherapist. Director of Spacio Consulting. (Chile)
           - "Caldes de Boí-in your skin... dermocosmetics with medicinal water"
           Dr. Lorena Vela. Director medical of Caldes de Boi. (Spain)     

    • Afternoon session

    • 15:45 .- Session on Innovation in the Tourist Thermal Product. 
      Presenting and moderating:  Dr. Virxilio Rodríguez Vázquez. Vice-Rector of the Campus of Water of Ourense, University of Vigo. (Spain)

      15:30-17:05 h.- Innovation in the Tourist Thermal Product. (Block 1)
           - "Product hot springs and snow." 
           Alberto Diego Moreno. President of the Ente of Termas del Neuquén. (Argentina)
          - "A Cultural European route on the border of Spain-Portugal: the thermal route and 
           of the water Verín-Chaves-Vidago"
           Pablo Rivera. Technical Director of the Eurociudad Chaves - Verin (Spain)
           - "Sports and thermalism in the Province of Ourense"
           José Manuel Rodríguez, General Director of INORDE - Instituto Orensano para el 
           Desarrollo Económico. (Spain) 

      17:05 h.- Pause.

      17:15-18:15 h.- Innovation in the Tourist Thermal Product. (Block 2)
           - "Experience of nights of astronomy in Termas de San Joaquín" 
           Antonio Garza. Director of Termas de San Joaquin. (Coahuila – Mexico)
           - "Foz do Iguaçu, a destination of nature, eco-tourism and water springs".
           Gilmar Piolla. Communication Director of ITAIPU Binacional. (Brazil)
           Angela Aparecida. (Brazil)
           - "Spas and motor racing in the city of Termas de Río Hondo."
           Ricardo Sosa. Sub-Secretary of Tourism of the Province of Santiago del Estero. (Argentina) 
    • 16:00 .- Parallel Session: Marketing and new technologies.
      Presenting and moderating: Dr. José Antonio Fraiz Brea. Director of the Master of tourism of health of the University of Vigo. (Spain)

           "Spas or welfare, achieve the transition digital".     
           Laurent Dupont. International consultant. (France)
           - "App for the identification of perimeters of protection".     
           Benigno Amor. Secretary of the Cluster of Mineral Water and thermal of Galicia. (Spain)
           - "Digital Marketing applied to thermal destinations".     
           Emilio Cuiñas. "Autoxiro", tourism management and technological development consulting partner. (Spain)

    Thursday September 29th 
    • 09:30 .- Session  about  Medical Hydrotherapy  and  Hydrology. 
      09:30 - 11:45 h.- Block 1.
      Presenting and moderating: Dra. María Lorena Vela. Medical Director of Caldes de Boí (Spain)
           - "Innovations in the research of the Medical Hydrology"
           Dr. Francisco Maraver. President of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology. (Spain)
           - "Teaching of the medical hydrology in the University of Santiago de Compostela"
           Dr. Juan Gestal. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of 
           Santiago de Compostela. (Spain)
           - "Mineral-medicinal waters in anti-aging therapy"
           Dr. Ramón de la Rosa. Medical Surgeon UNAM. Specialist in internal medicine. 
           Academic president of ALTSPA. (Mexico)
           - "Requirements of medical documentation in the spas. Project Termagal".     
           Dr. Dolores Fernandez Marcos. Balnearios de Galicia. Group Caldaria. (Spain)
            - "Hot springs and snow. A bold innovation in thermal Center Copahue".
           Dr. Nicolas Gurnik. Provincial Director of Thermal Medicine. (Argentina)


      13:00 - 14:00 h.- Block 2
           - "The evolution of the hydrotherapy in America".
           Saralima Gamboa Garza. Chairwoman of the International Council of Massage and Spa. 
           General Director and Founding member of the Institute of Mexican-American Professional Training in 
           Massage and Spa. (Mexico)
           - "Thermal waters, the elixir of the youth in the skin".
           Dra. Patricia Hernández. Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine UIME. (Mexico)
           - "Ocean biotechnology possibilities".
           Marianela Peña Romero. Biologist. (Mexico) 
           - "Medical hydrotherapy with ozone in Spa and clinics of aesthetic in Peru".
           Dr. Mario Renato Cabani Ravello. Medical Surgeon graduated in the National University  Mayor 
           of San Marcos. Director of the clinical Cabani, Lima. (Peru) 

      14:00 - 15:30 h.- Break

    • Afternoon session

    • 15:30 .- Sessions about Management of Spa, Thermal  or  Talaso.
      Presenting and moderating: Dr. Ramón de la Rosa, Educational President of ALTSPA. (México)
           - "Implementation of Wellness Center in shopping centers: strengths and dangers. "SPAXION, a case of success"
           Alfredo Pérez Sainz - de la Maza. President of the Spanish Association of Wellness and Spa. (Spain)
           - "Planning of a management corporate Spa".
           Bertha Castillo Sánchez. Corporate Manager Spa of Grupo Oasis Resorts and
           Corporate Manager Spa Grupo AM Resorts. (Mexico)
           - "Destination spa as a business".
           Toni Androne. University Professor. President of the Latin American Association of Spa. 
          Director Spa Hoteles Villa Bejar Cuernavaca & Tequesquitengo. (Mexico)
           - " Generation of experiences to sell services of health in United States or Canada: 
           the hispanic market"
          Luis A. Prado Ávila. Director of Consultores en Promoción Internacional y Turismo Médico. (Mexico)

    • 16:30 .- Parallel Session. Marketing and Commercialization of Health and Wellness tourism.
           - "Building Bridges between Thermal and Medical Tourism: new trends and srategies."
           Paulo Moreira. Editor-in-Chief International Journal fo Healthcare Management - Taylor & Francis, UK and ASIB Healthcare. (United Kingdom)
           - "Synergies between welfare tourism and business tourism"
           María T. Giuriato. General Manager of Bonilla - Giuriato & Associates. (United States)
           - "Trends in marketing of tourism of health in Europe and America"
           Jesús Ares. General Manager of Yu-travel. (Spain)
           - "A new approach in understanding patients from the Middle East".
           Mr. Khelifi Lofti. Director of the media Middle East Magazine. (United Arab Emirates)

    • 17:30 .- Therapeutic applications of the natural resources.
      Presenting and moderating: Dr. Juan Gestal. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of  Santiago de Compostela. (Spain)

           - "Preliminary basic criteria to the cataloging of therapeutic uses of waters with mineral content" 
           Dr. Antonio Freire. General Director of Gala Termal. (Spain)
           - "Qualit criteria in the treatments with the natural resources
           (thermal waters, peloides or radon)".
           Dr. Kurt Von Storch. EuropeSpa med & Wellness GmbH. (Germany)
           -"Tropical waters of Tabasco".     
           Itzel Ibanez Patiño. Director General of the Institute of Cosmetology of Tabasco. (Mexico)

    Friday  September 30th 
    • 10:00 .- 11th International Meeting of Thermal Cities.
      10:00 h.- Opening of the Meeting.
      10:15 h.- Positioning of a thermal city to international level.
      Presenting and moderating: Francisco José Fernández Pérez. Vice-President of the Committee of health and services social of the Senate of Spain. (Spain)
           - "Ourense, spanish thermal capital".
           José Araujo. Lieutenant of Mayor of the city of Ourense. (Spain) 
           Dr. José Antonio Fraiz Brea. Director of the Master of tourism of health of the University of Vigo. (Spain)
           Juan C. Cabanelas. Cabanelas & Castelo Asociados. (Spain)
           - Presentation of the II Symposium International of Thermalism and quality of life.
           Dr. Virxilio Rodríguez Vázquez. Vice-Rector of the Campus of Water of Ourense, 
            University of Vigo. (Spain)
      11:15 h.- "Itinerary of the European cities with Thermal Historical Heritage."
           Luca Bruschi. International Relations of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association - EHTTA. (Italy)

      11:45 h.-Break.
    • 10:30 .- Parallel Sesion: Thermal water applied to cosmetics and aesthetics.
      Presenting and moderating: Dr. Dolores Fernández. Medical Director of Caldaria. (Spain)
           - Dr. Ramón de la Rosa. Academic President of the Latin American Association of Spa. (Mexico)
           - Dr. Patricia Hernandez Ruiz. Specialist in medicine aesthetic UIME. (Mexico)
           - Maria Laura Quesada Castro. Director of the Laboratory of Biosphere. (Costa Rica)
    • 12:00 .- Regional and local experiences of promotion of the thermal, health and well-being tourism.
      Presenting and moderating: José Manuel Rodríguez, Manager of the INORDE - Ourense Institute for economic development. (Spain)

           "Tourism of health and well-being in the Region Porto and North of Portugal" 
           Carlos Ferreira. Representative of Tourism Porto e Norte. (Portugal)
           -  "Experiences of Colombia" 
           Region of the PCC. Department of Boyaca.

           - "Sun, beach, health and sustainability in Huatulco" 
           Ivan Pelaez Piña. Director General of Eco Spa Huatulco. (Mexico)          - "Sustainable thermalism: resources, environment, society and economy. Case of the aquifer 
           guarani Mercosul:  eau thermal CATARATAS, diversity of the complex thermal in knowledge, 
           business and marketing".
           Geologist Fabio Lazzerini. President of the Latin American Association of Spas - ALATH. (Brazil)

      14:00 - 15:30 h.- Break.
    • 12:30 .- Parallel Sesion: Experiences in the Spa Management.
      Presenting and moderating: Lic. Antonio Arredondo. Director of the Latin American Association of Spa. (Mexico)
           - Ana Fernández. President of the Venezuelan Association of Spa. (Venezuela)
           - Alfredo Perez. President of the Spanish Association of Wellness and Spa. (Spain)

    • Afternoon session

    • 15:30 .- Presentations of the candidacies for headquarters of Termatalia in 2018.
    • 16:30 .- Workshop: "Building highly productive interactions in work teams"
      Mrs. Karina Serrapio. Magister and Coach in ontological Executive and business. (Argentina)
      Mrs. Laly Lezcano. Coach in aesthetics. Dermatocosmiatra. (Argentina)
           - The coordination of actions to achieve impeccable results.
           - The cycle of promise. Orders and offers.
           - Impeccability in commitments, pillar of a powerful team.
           - The conflict as a linguistic creation.
           - SYNERGIZE: Synergy applied to the work teams.
    • 17:30 .- International Meeting about  Water  and Thermalism  Closing Ceremony and Delivery  of Certificates.



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